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 “Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever…It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything” 
 Aaron Süskind

A look at my life and the way I work

I’m an internationally active photographer, straightforward, dynamic, with unusual ideas. My camera goes with me everywhere, and I go through life with my eyes wide open and I let life inspire me. I focus on people-photography because I want to combine my passion for photography with my passion for human beings. I’m an observer, I tell stories with my photos and I bring new aspects to life in my shots. I like to work with natural light and I purposely don’t use complicated equipment. Photography is my passion, especially male portrait and sensual photography.


You would like to get to know me better? Here are some of the stages in my life.
I was born and grew up in Cairo, Egypt.
I bought my first mirror-reflex camera when I was 16.
After graduating from high school I followed my father’s advice and went to the American University in Cairo. My subjects were journalism, mass communication, marketing design, theater and photography. 
I worked for various international advertising agencies and took part in international photo projects including one for the UN.
I decided to move to Toronto, Canada, for a number of years where I got my diploma in advertising design.
At the same time I worked for international advertising agencies like Grey Worldwide. 
I then moved to Frankfurt: it was a new beginning for me.
Two years ago my life took another turn: I found my chance to turn my passion into my profession and I haven’t laid down my camera since then.
Ashraf El Bahrawi - byAshrafB
I am a photographer and artist currently in Frankfurt, Germany and I specialize in male fitness, sensual, portrait, and lifestyle photography. I work with professional models and amateurs to create or enlarge a high quality portfolio. I travel regularly between Germany, Greece and South Africa to collaborate with a range of international based models and brands (out of Brazil, United States, Germany and South Afrika). My growing client base and social media platforms encourage me to work mainly commercially, and I’ve been able to build up an extensive network. I use my platforms to discover potential models and thereby launch new talents.
I followed my heart and started photography with a passion, I made my passion to my profession. Agents, talent scouts and international brands follow my work, but I am completely independent.

Here’s how I work

After years of shooting pictures for the design and fashion world as well as umpteen sessions with professional , prominent and amateur models, I’ve discovered my real passions for portraying “normal” people in exactly the way they like to see themselves. I benefit from years of experience, but also from my own natural strengths: empathy, enthusiasm, patience, along with analytic thinking. These help me every day to make my customers happy and satisfied. Their appreciation and recognition confirm my approach.

I set an example for combining creative work with the pleasure of enjoying my job, no mass production, no set schedule. The outcome is always the main focus of my work.

With photography I’m able to preserve important, unique moments and the feelings they elicit. I love working with people, capturing their individual personal stories in photos, paying special attention to details. Among others, natural lighting moods are especially important to me in order to get the best possible results. Of course your wishes will be included.
“The observer sees more than the actor” (Wilhelm Busch) These words mirror the basics of my photography. For only someone who is able to pay close attention to what is going on around him can recognize and catch beautiful or interesting moments with photography. That’s what I do with my camera. I use my camera as the medium to show my creativity and my ideas.

In the meantime I specialize in digital photography and I wouldn’t ever again want to miss its many advantages. I work almost only with natural daylight at various places and without a studio. I use a professional camera (full-frame camera) with high-quality, light intensive lens.

If you wish, a make-up artist will style you. Of course I can also pass your styling wishes on to my cooperation partners.
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