Here are some questions answered in advance ...
  • What’s the best way to get in touch with you for the initial consultation or setting a appointment?

    Write me an email or send me a DM via Instagram.

    Do I have to give you a written confirmation or make a down payment?

    Yes. A 50% down payment is needed to confirm the appointment. This money will not be refunded.

    What happens if I cancel my appointment shortly before or have to postpone it?

    Cancellation or postponement is possible up to 48 hours in advance. I’m sorry, after that the down payment is no longer valid.

    May I bring someone with me?

    I wouldn’t recommend doing so. In my experience one-to-one photos sessions are more relaxed and more effective.

    What if I don’t like a picture?

    I’ll keep showing you pictures in between, so I can continually adjust the shooting according to your wishes.
  • When and where can I choose the photos I want?

    You will get all the good photos once they have been edited.

    Do I get all the pictures as digital photos as well?

    You get the pictures in digital form. You can print them out for your own personal use.

    Will my photos be edited?

    All pictures are minimally edited. There will be no changes made to your body or your body’s structure.

    How long do you store the photos?

    Six months at the most. After that the storage space must be emptied for new projects.

    What am I allowed to do with my photos?

    The photos you get are for your personal use only. The rights to the pictures belong to the photographer and you need my written permission to sell or publish the pictures.
  • How far ahead of time do I have to make a shooting appointment? Can I get an appointment at short notice?

    Depending on the order situation, new appointments are possible within 48 hours.

    What happens during a shooting appointment?

    Usually we have a coffee first, in order to get to know each other. As soon as I see that the time is right we begin the shooting. Slowly but surely we fulfil the agreed concept.

    When do I get the photos?

    In about eight to ten weeks you will get the edited photos. Faster delivery depends on previous agreement.

    Where does the shooting take place?

    That depends on the chosen concept. Usually in an Airbnb rented for the occasion or in a hotel room booked for the shooting. 
  • Why should I have act photos or erotic photos made of myself?

    It’s to preserve a snapshot of your life. It’s a different, non-public side of you that you can show. That helps you gain more self-assurance and you learn to love your body in a new way.

    I’m a little bit shy, what can I do about my nervousness during the shooting?

    I have no problem with that and I’m always prepared to deal with shyness. I’ve had a lot of experience with peoples’ diversities and accordingly, I adjust to that one person in front of me.

    Is someone else there during my shooting?

    If you have booked a makeup artist, he/she will leave the location before the shooting starts. Otherwise we are always alone.

    Do I have to keep something particular in mind or bring something along with me for the erotic photo-shooting?

    No. Just be yourself.
  • Do I have to be completely nude? Do I have to undress completely for a sensual shooting?

    That’s completely up to you. The main thing is that you feel comfortable.

    What is the difference between sensual, partial nude and nude photos?

    Sensual shooting: There’s a lot of skin to be seen. It’s all about seduction and desire. 
    Partial nude shooting: Not everything is visible. But what is behind the white cloth or other covering objects tickles your phantasies. 
    Nude shooting: One can see everything, but that doesn’t have to dominate the picture. 

    What else do I have to pay attention to before I come to a nude shooting?

    Be yourself. Relax. Feel comfortable.

    Do I have to learn special poses?

    No. I always prefer your naturalness!
  • Can I send you photo examples or show them to you?

    Whenever you want. That’s part of the phase of finding the shooting concept you want.

    Is there a minimum age for a nude shooting?

    You must be of legal age. In general that means over 18. In some countries you have to be over 21.

    Will the nude photos be published?

    Partly, yes. Perhaps on my social media channels, on my website and in my portfolio. I may also some time in the future publish a book with my photo work.

    Can I also have sensual photos or nude photos made with another person?

    That is definitely possible. But we must clarify all the details ahead of the shooting.
Ashraf El Bahrawi - byAshrafB
“The observer sees more than the actor”
Wilhelm Busch
These words mirror the basics of my photography.
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