“A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels,
in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed.”
Ansel Adams
Each person is an individual. Each project is individual. So let’s talk about your personal wishes and agreed on a concept for our photo shooting. Shootings are based on passion, fun, and the chance to get the best out of the model. They can take place outdoors as well as indoors with natural light.

Sedcard-shooting for models, actors and singers.

Your photos are your business card. You need professional and convincing photos to get an invitation to castings or auditions. No matter how you imagine your Sedcard-photos – natural, athletic, elegant, strong, romantic, playful, masculine, authentic, real, trusting, humorous or sexy: I will try to bring YOU out in every photo. Every Sedcard-shooting will be arranged according to your individual wishes and to the specific purpose for the photos. I am also happy to realize unusual wishes.
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Tinder Photographer: Profile photos for online dating

As a photographer I’ll shoot professional photos for online dating apps, so you can find a match faster and fall in love quicker. With your shooting you’ll get special portrait photos that will emphasize your natural aura. Your photos will be authentic and real. Contact ads that include photos get up to 80% more responses than ads without photos.
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Fitness- / sensual- / covered nude- / nude- shooting

If you’ve been taking special care of your body for years, you want to show it. That’s exactly what I specialize in – I regularly photograph aesthetic and well-toned bodies. In your sensual shooting your own personal works of art emerge. Whether water drops on your skin or in a milk bath – there are many ways to present you sensually and in a seductive way. I’m glad to advise you and help to achieve your personal motives. You don’t need a sixpack or a figure like some of the models in my photos. Your personality plays the main role in the way your photos evolve. Act photography aims at presenting the nude human body as an object of art. What and how much of you you want to reveal is your decision alone. Tell me your ideas and thoughts or bring photos as examples with you. It’s also not important to have had any previous photo shooting experience. Sensual is something intimate and varied which I capture with aesthetic photos. During my shootings the atmosphere is always pleasant and relaxed. You’ll feel comfortable. We are always alone during the shootings. Sensual and/or nude photo shooting often brings certain fears and restraints with it, but there’s no need for that. Of course I guarantee you complete discretion and trust in our cooperation. I’m also willing to realize unusual wishes for you.  
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Ashraf El Bahrawi - byAshrafB
“The observer sees more than the actor”
Wilhelm Busch
These words mirror the basics of my photography.
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