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"What I like about photos is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever and can never be created again.”
 Karl Lagerfeld
You’ve worked hard to get your body into great shape. You gave your everything in the gym, your motivation and your ambition kept you focused on your goal, you gave up a lot of things. Now it’s time to reward yourself for all you’ve done. Let a professional photographer record the most perfect body of your life in authentic pictures. Tell me your ideas when we plan the shootings. 

My customers trust in me, and I repay their trust with professionality, creativity and empathy. I don’t just photograph clients, I take pictures of individual persons, I build up a professional relationship with them. Thanks to the relaxed atmosphere I achieve unique results. 

It’s so important to me personally that my clients feel at ease during the photo shooting. I love it when I can make them happy with my pictures and give them a new self-assurance. It fascinates me again and again to meet new persons and portray them. I touch people with my photos, I let them dream or ponder. I catch the moment just as it’s happening, with all its emotions.  
Ashraf El Bahrawi - byAshrafB

Who I am

I am a photographer and artist based in Frankfurt, Germany. I’m known for specializing in male fitness, sensual, portrait, and lifestyle photography.
“The observer sees more than the actor”
Wilhelm Busch
These words mirror the basics of my photography. For only someone who is able to pay close attention to what is going on around him can recognize and catch beautiful and interesting moments through photography.
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This is what my customers say about me:
“So stunning. Thank you…appreciate them so much…the beach ones are incredible…the lighting…”
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Ashraf El Bahrawi - byAshrafB
"The observer sees more than the actor"
Wilhelm Busch
These words mirror the basics of my photography.
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